During the first week or March, Agroplant and Advance Consulting visited Bangladesh for the Potato Impact Cluster. They were welcomed at the warehouses of Rangpur Himagar Pvt. Ltd. and Salamin Foods Ltd. and they also visited the potato fields of the selected potato growers. During the visit, the following activities took place:


  • Agroplant shared their knowledge on correct harvest practices during different organised sessions.
  • Agroplant took samples from the field and collected relevant data on the quality of the potatoes. This crucial information will be used in a later stage to assess the performance of the different varieties.
  • Advance Consulting streamlined the preparations at the warehouses and was happy to see that all local partners had a thorough understanding of the process and expectations.
  • Advance Consulting collected all the realized cost data of the farmers. These data will be used to assess the financial performance of the different varieties.