In March 2021, Advance Consulting, Allround and Deltadesh visited the potato storage Sathi Himagar located in North-west Bangladesh; in Sondharoi, Thakurgaon. The brand new potato storage facility, part of the Sathi Fresh group, was constructed in 2020 and offers cold storage services to potato growers and traders. Sathi Himagar has the intention to start selling potatoes from its own cold storage on the domestic and export market and the Potato Impact Cluster can contribute to this by supplying the improved box storage and processing line. The current capacity of the storage facility is 16,000 tons and the facility consists of four rooms of each five levels.

To formalise the cooperation, an agreement was signed between Sathi Himagar and the Potato Impact Cluster in March 2021. After clearing the containers which are currently still laying at the harbour, the box storage, sorting, grading and packaging line will be installed and demonstrated at Sathi Himagar for the remainder of the project period; until end of 2022.

Former local partner Rangur Himagar decided to cancel its participation in the Potato Impact Cluster in January 2021.  Several clearance issues, worsened by COVID-19, were the reason for the cancellation.